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Stress Management Alleviation
with Ronda Suder
being present to remain calm. counting the balance to remain authentic

Wednesday, July 26
6:00 - 7:15pm
Bring a friend, get $10 off.
Bring 2 friends, and you attend free!

Stress can have a negative impact—on family, health, finances, work— and very few of us are immune from it. In this fun and interactive introductory presentation, you'll learn:

*What causes stress
*The impacts of stress
*7 practical tips to alleviate stress before it begins
*Supportive resources
*and more...
The Mystery of Chronic Illness, and Why It Exists
with Ronda Suder

Re-defining illness for health and well-being.

Wednesday, August 2
6:00 - 7:15 pm
$17 per person
Bring a friend and you attend free!

Chronic illness is a mystery, or it wouldn't be considered "chronic." It impacts everything from relationships, to finances, to overall well-being.

In this 60-minute interactive presentation, Ronda will share:
*Her journey through the discomforts of chronic illness.
*The mystery of chronic illness and why it's here.
*Freedom from the effects of illness: No shame.  No blame.
*Support and Resources to heal.
*You will also receive copies of Ronda's original poetry.

Upcoming Courses
(more info provided in July and August)

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EBV Overview
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Nutrition and Well-being
Protection for Empaths
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Soulful Writing
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The Compassionate Women at Work
Beautifully Broken. Chronically Well.
And more!