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Healthcare Alternatives Made Simple

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We are a family-owned, state-of-the-art healing center. We take the time to listen to our patients and develop a personalized plan for improved health and well-being.  Our goal is to achieve optimal health and improve the quality of life with the most natural approach possible.

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A Note From Our Founder...

As a result of having health issues early in life, I wanted to help others heal, as well as prevent health conditions before they developed. With more and more health issues and concerns being diagnosed in today's world, my goal is to offer a relaxing and safe environment to support the community and offer services that allow for healing in the most natural way possible. It's a privilege to be able to support the community in such a way.

Thank you for being here, and thank you for your time.

Much healing and gratitude,
Stacy Roman 

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"After trying several different medical treatments for the pain of arthritis and other hormonal issues, it was one of those last chance efforts. After being recommended by several friends, I gave it try. After a few treatments I started feeling relieved and after a month I can finally walk across the floor without pain when no other mediations would help. I am also benefitting from balancing other systems in my body and finally able to start losing weight. Looking forward to completing recovery and a full life with my grandchildren." --Cathy Wimer
I have been struggling with hot flashes due to medication for cancer and have been doing acupuncture. I have seen great results. I did not have any hot flashes for about 6 weeks during the summer. I recommend for anyone that is having hot flashes to see Dr. Roman. She is amazing. It has changed my quality of life, and I truly appreciate her. --Tammy Tucker