We offer high quality self-care products and supplements to help you feel your best.

Wellness Products

  • Homeopathy, Herbs, & Supplements

    High-quality supplements, Chinese herbs, and homeopathy treatments to supplement healthcare regimens and treatments plans, along with various teas!  Including immune boosting supplements, cold and flu treatments, pain management, weight loss, pre and pro-biotics, quit smoking and so much more. 

  • Essential Oils

    Our high-quality essential oils are potent and effective natural treatments for a number of aliments and skin conditions. Doterra essential oils, toothpaste, hand soap, throat drops, wipes, and supplements are available. We also offer other essential oil brands.

  • Skincare

    High-quality and effective skin care treatments and regimens for a variety of skin conditions. Our main brand, Blissoma, focuses on raw, whole plant ingredients. Products contains 75% more active ingredients.  Which drastically exceeds the cosmetic industry norm of 5% - 20%. Phytonutrients rebuild the skin barrier, provide deep hydration, balance skin oils, reduce the appearance of redness and breakouts, and help you create the most vibrant, resilient skin you've ever had.

  • Jewelry and Household Items

    Our jewelry is unique, including handmade items and crystals. Crystals to carry or display! Check out our natural, nontoxic cleaning products from brands like Zum, and Doterra. Look out for our nontoxic candles and other products!  Test which crystals would be best for you with our Aura Camera. 

Online Ordering

Never run out of your favorite products and supplements! We offer online ordering to make your shopping experience convenient and easy.