Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy uses touch to manipulate the muscles and other soft tissues of the body. This therapy helps relieve pain, heal injuries, improve circulation, relieve stress, increase relaxation, and aid in the general wellness of clients. ​​​
Here at Romans we offer a wide variety of types of massages such as, Focused, Deep Tissue, Swedish, CBD,  and more!
You also have the option to have your massages booked in our Salt Gem Therapy Cave!
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Massage Therapy

  • Swedish Massage

    Swedish massage aims to relieve muscle tension and uses softer strokes which makes it an ideal massage for relaxation. Best known for soothing tight muscles and boosting well-being, Swedish massage also offers a whole host of other health benefits. 30 minute, 60 minute, or 90 minute massages are available.

  • Deep Tissue Massage

    Deep tissue massages use firm pressure and slow strokes to massage deep layers of muscle and fascia, which is the connective tissue that surrounds your muscles. Deep Tissue Massage is applied in a systematic way, concentrating on the deeper layers of the body’s soft tissues. It aims to release chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow strokes and deep pressure. 15 minute add on, 30 minute focus, 60 minute, or 90 minute massages are available.

  • CBD Massage

    The cannabinoids in CBD massage oil helps to reduce inflammation and soothes muscles. This makes it very effective at providing relief from painful joints and muscles. People who suffer from chronic pain, arthritis, back pain, and so much more can reap the many benefits of a CBD oil massage. We offer Swedish or deep pressure with this massage. 60 minute or 90 minute massages are available.

  • Pregnancy Massage

    Swedish Massage aims to relax muscle tension and improve lymphatic and blood circulation through mild pressure applied to the muscle groups of the body. Swedish Massage is the recommended massage method during pregnancy because it addresses many common discomforts associated with the skeletal and circulatory changes brought on by hormone shifts. Prenatal massage therapy can help reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health. 60 minute or 90 minute massages are available.

  • Thera-Cupping

    Theragun is a hand-held rapid percussion device to relieve muscle tension in targeted areas. Pair this option with your massage or stretch session for enhanced relief. Along with using cupping, cupping therapy that may ease back pain, neck pain, headaches and other issues. It uses suction to pull on your skin and increase blood flow to the affected area. 30 minute or 60 minute option is available. 60 minute or 90 minute massages are available.

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